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Who we Are 

Chef Holvin

Holvin, began cooking Paellas for family and friends at their home events.  Friends of friends began asking for Chef Holvin to go and cook for them at their next event. From there Dalí Paella was born. 

Chef Holvin will go to your event and cook the Paella of your choice in front of your guests. You've never seen anything like  this. We are the first in the Tampa Bay area!!!

Food and entertainment guarantee for the success of your event.

Why Dalí Paella?

Salvador Dalí was a Surrealistic artist born in Spain. The Paella dish was also born in Spain, in Valencia Spain. Same as Salvador Dalí's artistic style, the Paella is an artistic dish that will revolutionize your taste buds. 

When cooking, Chef Holvin uses his artistic culinary creativity to make a unique Paella dish. Each Paella is unique surrealistic blend of flavors that will satisfy your senses and guests experience. 

Dalí Paella is Licensed, Certified and Insured

Dali Paella, Inc.