Menu Description

Paella Valenciana 

This is a variation of the original Paella, it is rice cooked in our signature broth with a complemented by the chicken, pork and Spanish Chorizo.  This paella is garnished with green peas.  

   Price per serving - $27.00

Paella Marinera

This is our most popular item. It is made with our signature broth and a combination of a seafood mix that includes, calamari, octopus and shrimp. It is garnished with mussels and lemon wedges. Lobster can be added for an additional fee.  

   Price per serving - $35.00

Paella Matador 

NEW & EXCLUSIVE ITEM!!!!  Sausage, mushrooms and red onion combine to make a delectable, unforgettable culinary experience. What separates this Paella from the rest, is that red wine is used (normally paellas are made with white wine) Simple, but memorable. Just like Spain's Matadors, this Paella will kill your hunger, but leave you wanting more. 

Price per serving - $25.00

Mariachi Paella 

NEW & EXCLUSIVE ITEM!!!!  You will not find this Paella anywhere else. It is made with chicken, cilantro, jalapenos,  and tomatoes. Perfect to serve with Margaritas. Garnished with limes. Shrimp can be added for an additional $50 per serving.  

Price per serving - $25.00

Dalí Paella

This is a Paella made tailored to the client's taste. The Client picks the ingredients and the Paella is custom made. Price per person will vary depending on the ingredients chosen.  Call for more information. 

Arroz con Pollo

This is a very traditional Puerto Rican dish made with rice cooked in a chicken broth.  For this dish we use boneless chicken and garnish it with roasted red peppers and potatoes.

Price per serving - $20.00


6 servings $18

Stuffed Piquillos

Peppers stuffed with cheese, roasted garlic and sundried tomatoes (GF) or chorizo

A croqueta is a deep-fried roll consisting of a thick binder combined with a filling, which is then breaded.



6 servings - $18

6 servings - $18

Stuffed Mushrooms

Edible Mushrooms stuffed with garlic, herbs and cheeses

Serves 12  $30

Tortilla Española

It is a Spanish omelet made of egg, potato, and onions cooked in olive oil. By request you may add: Ham, Chorizo, Spinach and/or Peppers


Serves 12- $20


Pinwheels sandwiches

They're made with tortillas that are rolled together with your choice of one of the options available

Small - Serves 10

Medium - Serves 15

Large - Serves 20

Charcuterie Board

 is a tray that includes cured meats, cheeses and a variety of sweet and savory bites. Prices will vary depending on ingredients and size.

Call for more information.


Priced per person 


      $22.00 per 8" pan - serves 9 people

$18.00  per 8" pan serves 9 people